Amanda Holden

Amanda Holden

Glamour and showbiz sparkle are at the forefront of Amanda Holden’s sensational first-ever collection for Fenn Wright Manson. She tells us about the inspirations behind her dazzling designs, how clothing is women’s armour, and her abiding love of grey knitwear and nude shoes.

 Amanda Holden’s glamorous style and flair for elegance are renowned from her presenting on Britain’s Got Talent and This Morning, so it’s no surprise that glamour is at the forefront of her dazzling first-ever collection for Fenn Wright Manson. From slinky and elegantly tailored dresses to gently sparkling jumpsuits and sophisticated separates, you’ll need to look no further for your evening-occasion and festive-partying outfits this season.  

“With this collection I hope that I’ve brought a sprinkling of showbiz sparkle and glamour to Fenn Wright Manson,” she says. “I’m very fortunate and privileged enough to have bought, borrowed and collaborated on so much high-end couture over my years in television that it’s nice for me to be able to produce something that’s affordable with my own spin on it.”

And she has certainly put her own spin on her collection. For a start, the 13-piece collection is named after Amanda’s closest friends – the chic, on-trend, luminous teal Alesha dress is named after her Britain’s Got Talent co-judge Alesha Dixon – as well as her two daughters Alexa, 13, and seven-year-old Hollie. So picking a favourite garment would be nigh on impossible. “That would be like asking me to choose between my two daughters – which is absolutely impossible! I genuinely love the whole collection. I will wear every piece throughout the autumn and winter for years to come.”

The range features refined modern cuts in stunning emerald, gold, pink, black, ink and shimmering prints, while combining the Fenn Wright Manson hallmark of timeless tailored, effortless elegance. 

“I don’t like fashion for fashion’s sake so these are classic pieces that can stay in your wardrobe for years to come,” says Amanda. “I have a lot of navy and teals in my home décor so I’ve incorporated that into this collection – ones that look rich and expensive, but don’t cost the earth.”

Amanda Holden has for many years worn Fenn Wright Manson, a fan of the esteemed brand’s expert tailoring, elegance and exclusive stand-out prints. “It’s a fantastic long-standing British brand with its own loyal customers, including myself. Fenn Wright Manson has always stood out for me in terms of style and quality with an amazing price point and incredible attention to detail. The colours and prints the brand are known for particularly resonate with me.”

Each classically designed garment has been designed with all shapes in mind. Youthful, timeless designs and easy-to-wear fabrics were a starting point for flattering dresses and jumpsuits that accentuate the waist and elongate the figure. How does Amanda hope that women will feel in them? 

“Bloody fabulous!” she exclaims. “We lead such hectic lives where everyday fashion now needs to incorporate work, socialising, relaxing and dressing up for events, so I think it’s important to invest in clothes that can be worn from morning until night with different accessories, shoes or jackets. One piece from my collection means you can potentially have three different looks – each garment can be dressed up or down in several different ways.”

We all know that clothing has the power to transform the way we feel and carry ourselves – and Amanda’s collection will certainly make you feel at your best.

“Clothing is everything. It’s my armour. I dress for myself, nobody else. I love looking at what other people are wearing for inspiration, but I know what works for me. So many stylists over the years have tried (and sometimes succeeded) in putting me into outfits that don’t suit me or my body shape. These days I stick with what I know makes me feel confident, whether that be a certain neckline, a fitted trouser, colour palate, highlighting a waist or simply comfortable-to-wear clothes and fabrics.” 

She adds: “I think the way you are perceived, rightly or wrongly, is based on how you look. So I treat it as armour so I can go out and face the world and battle each day. If you feel good in what you’re wearing then you’ll shine brightly. It really is as simple as that.”

Amanda Holden: My personal style uncovered

I would describe my style as...

I dress to feel confident. I try not to think about age anymore when I’m dressing. My children don’t bat an eyelid at what I wear and love borrowing my clothes. Of course, I have fun on Britain’s Got Talent – it’s the perfect opportunity to take risks. Times have changed and I don’t feel anyone should feel pressure to dress for your age. It’s all about body positivity and feeling good. 

I have way too much... 

Grey knitwear! I buy almost the same jumper every winter because I always think I need a glass of red wine while I’m snuggled up next to the fire with a big jumper on. So I go and buy one and my husband will say, “didn’t you already buy that jumper last year... and the year before?!” I love clothes and shoes. What more can I say!

My best ever fashion purchase is...

It might sound a little dull, but I would say different coloured nude classic shoes. There are so many different types of nude. Because I tan throughout the year I start with a pale nude in the winter and go through to a dark nude by the end of summer. I think investing in classic nude open-toe sandals is a must, too, and don’t go for just one colour. They are so universal. My knee-high boots come out on special occasions too – they always please my husband Chris. I recently wore them dressed as a superhero on Celebrity Juice!

The item that must always come on summer holidays with me is...

A hat. I’m pretty excited this year because I’ve got a really cool hat that you can roll up into a perfect cone shape for your suitcase. When you unroll it, it’s absolutely massive! I used to buy very expensive hats, but never bring them home, or be able to pack them because they misshape. The only other alternative is wearing it on the plane, but that’s another thing to carry, forget or obstructs someone’s vision. This new hat is life changing for me because I don’t worry about it travelling with me. I look like The Handmaid's Tale on holiday in it!

My most dependable outfit is...

Probably a blazer, shirt and a pair of jeans.

My top style tip is...

It’s legs or boobs, never both! Always keep one covered.