Dependable Summer Style: Why You Should Love Irish Linen

Dependable Summer Style: Why You Should Love Irish Linen

The weather is getting warmer, meaning you need to really plan your outfit to stay comfortable – but no less stylish – on those hotter days. Look no further than linen: an overlooked and under appreciated fashion hero.

Fenn Wright Manson has been combining Irish linen with sophisticated tailoring and carefully crafted designs, giving you relaxed dresses and outfits that keep you cool and looking chic throughout the summer – and we’ve got six reasons we think you should add these bright and breezy styles to your wardrobe.

1) Irish linen is the best in the world

Our collection is crafted from the famous fine linen spun at an Irish mill that we’ve used year after year, simply because Ireland is home to the best experts in the world. Knowledge, heritage and traditions in the fabric date back to the 1300s, and this rich history now delivers a brilliant balance of drape, versatility, comfort and sumptuous softness in its linens, which are in high demand worldwide.

2) Cool and comfortable

In hot weather, no fabric delivers the sheer comfort of linen. Specifically designed to be breathable and lightweight, its structure allows it to fit loosely, allowing better airflow around your body – perfect when fresh breezes are few and far between.

3) Simple, straightforward style in all situations

Regardless of your shape and size, linen is a delightfully forgiving fabric. and will ensure you look effortlessly stylish. Combined with our careful, flattering tailoring, our linen collection doesn’t let you lose any of your feminine charm.

For example, our hip-skimming, semi-fitted Albury and Anastasie shift dresses focus on offering the most flattering look for your figure, but are also given short raglan sleeves and pockets for that perfect casual summer look. 

4) Truly versatile

There’s no material quite as flexible and versatile with other wardrobe items as linen. From everyday dressing to glamorous summer garden parties, these pieces are designed to pair perfectly with shoes, sandals, and even heels. They’re also effortlessly combined with layers: our Ariane and Marcelle trousers can be worn with relaxed tops or dressed up with their matching jackets for evenings out.

5) Made to last

Linen is well-known as the strongest natural fibre, and is much more durable than cotton. Pairing this strength with our timeless designs means you’re investing for countless future summers.

Part of linen’s long-lasting charm is down to how easy it is to care for. Our clothing is machine-washable, and it not only retains its shape after washing – it remains as soft as the first time you wore it. What’s more, you don’t even need to run the iron over them; those slight crinkles are part of their charm, enhancing that relaxed summer look. 

6) Sustainability at its heart

Linen comes from the resilient flax plant, which is more sustainably produced than cotton as it’s much easier to grow, even when soil or water is at a premium. Crucially, none of the plant is wasted – and being a natural fibre, it’s also biodegradable. Our own Irish linen mill is proudly committed to environmental policies that ensure it uses all its resources sustainably, minimises pollution, and protects local ecosystems.

Summer is on the horizon, and with our absolutely incredible deals on linen, there’s no better time to prepare for stylish fun in the sun. Explore our collection here.