Amanda Holden and daughter Hollie discuss her 2020 Fenn Wright Manson collection

Amanda Holden and daughter Hollie discuss her 2020 Fenn Wright Manson collection

Whilst we would like to talk about the Fenn Wright Manson by Amanda Holden range all day, in fact, we want to shout about it from the rooftops! There’s nobody better to discuss the collection than Amanda herself. This week, on Instagram, she did just that. 

She was ably assisted by her wonderful daughter Hollie, who was on hand to read out questions from fans about the new range. Here’s what they both had to say...

Hollie: What is your favourite piece of the new collection?

Amanda: Ooh, it’s really tough, that one, but I think my favourite piece is possibly the Meghan & Amelia outfit. It’s beautifully cut; it fits my shape really well – it fits a lot of shapes really well – and it’s got the capes with the slits in the arms, so if you don’t like the tops of your arms, or you think you’ve got a bit of a bingo wing, it hides them all but still shows off your assets around your waist and bust.


Hollie: I like the Fleur, the flowery one!

Amanda: I have to say, that’s absolutely gorgeous.

Hollie: Do you imagine all of the clothes yourself, or does someone help you with the process?

Amanda: That’s a really interesting question! Obviously, we have a team of people around, and what I tend to do is go through my own wardrobe and pick out some of my favourite pieces that I know work well on my body, and what I know would work nicely on all shapes and sizes. Hopefully my collection suits a lot of people! 


Then I find scraps of material, or little pieces of vintage material, and I bring everything in – we have a whole discussion with a lot of coffee and a lot of biscuits with all the ladies, and then we come up with ideas. We did this collection last year, and we very much had these pale blues and other blues in mind as the colour theme.

Hollie: Are the sizes true to size?

Amanda: I think they’re true to size – if anything, I think they’re slightly on the larger side. If you’re an 8, you’re an 8; if you’re a 14, you’re a 14; but it’s very forgiving, I’d say, especially after lockdown!


Hollie: How have you been dressing in lockdown?

Amanda: Well, I’ve been working at Heart Breakfast every morning, so I’ve been dressing quite smartly every morning. I’ve had an outfit ready, and I’ve been thinking carefully about what I wear, and I’ve had something different. But when I get home, what do I stick on?

Hollie: Your tracksuit bottoms, and your tracksuit top, and then you lie on the sofa on your phone!

Amanda: [mock gasp] Disgraceful!

Hollie: Which garments will you be wearing for holidays, parties, weekends, brunches and lunches with friends, and drinks with the girls?

Amanda: Ah, can you imagine all that happening, anything! Well all of them lend themselves to something; all of the dresses and this year’s collection are absolutely fantastic for any kind of occasion. You can dress it up or down, so if we are lucky enough to get back to some kind of normality, there’s a lot of perfect wedding and christening stuff in there. Once you kick off your heels, or take off your little jacket, it becomes a little bit more casual. I would say all of the collection suits all of those occasions, it’s just when we get them. You can create them in your own back garden! 


Thanks to the wonderful Amanda and the adorable Hollie for taking their time out to discuss the range – and check out Fenn Wright Manson by Amanda Holden here.