How to Create an Online Product Review

How to Create an Online Product Review

Product reviews help customers gain a good understanding of our garments, from other customer perspectives, and enables them to make the best online purchasing decision possible. They also help us to improve our product offering for the future.

Step-by step guide to writing a review on

  • Go to the product you want to review
  • Click on REVIEWS
  • Enter your first name and email address (your email address will not appear on the review)
  • Add a review title, which summarises how you feel about the products
  • Choose the number of stars you wish to give (1 star = the lowest rating, 5 stars = the highest)
  • Add any comment about the product you wish to share with us and other customers. Please see below for things you shouldn’t include to ensure you review can be published.
  • Tick the ‘I am not a robot’ box (to show you’re a real person and not creating spam)
  • Click the SUBMIT button

Please note, in order to be able to publish your review there are certain things you should avoid including. Please see the below tips to help ensure your review can be published:

  • For your own privacy and safety please do not include your full name or any other personal information.
  • Please do not include prices, delivery information, or special offers, as these may change over time and may not be relevant to the product itself.
  • Do not mention other companies or websites.
  • Obscene language, personal insults, or unhelpful content within a review will deem the whole review invalid and will not be posted.
  • If you have any customer service issues or safety concerns please contact directly, for an immediate response.