How to Look Your Virtual Best?

How to Look Your Virtual Best?

Staying glamorous is part of Fenn Wright Manson’s heritage, whether it’s providing you with sleek tailoring for your business meetings, or sophisticated dresses perfect for a special occasion. Although events have been postponed, we feel it’s important for our customers to still feel glamorous at home. 

Whether you were supposed to attend a wedding, a garden parties or an occasion with your family abroad, we’re now staying safe at home. But who says it has to be boring?

With extended hours indoors, it’s time to get creative and plan virtual dates with all the girls. From cocktails and “Come Dine with Me” sessions to daily quizzes, it’s all about making these social events as varied and imaginative as possible.

Once you’ve scheduled in your exciting ideas – but before you consider those all-important wardrobe options – you need to perfect your set up. After all, why wear a beautiful outfit if you’re not making the most of it with everything you have at your disposal? 

Here are some tips on how to make the most of your virtual dates...


The first step is giving yourself the best lighting set-up in the room of your choice.

Front-facing natural light accentuates your face and highlights your features; during daylight hours, the perfect place to set up your laptop is in front of a window that gives you plenty of natural light. In darker or night-time gatherings, get a lamp behind your screen of choice. 

 If possible, avoid mixing different light sources in your chosen space. Two or more in one room can distort the view your virtual guests see, potentially washing you out or casting shadows on your appearance – not great, if you’re going to spend time looking your best!


Alongside lighting, another important factor to consider on your virtual dates should be the angle of laptop screen or camera. Make the most of your virtual frame by positioning your camera at eye-level or higher, so your whole face is seen at an expected level, and the camera itself doesn’t distort the shape of your face.

If you’re on a laptop, try not to hunch to get to eye level, as it stops you moving and talking naturally. Instead, consider using thick, sturdy books to give your laptop that extra boost.

 Test the Call

After you’ve explored the lighting and the angles you’ll use, it’s important to test all is well and perfect to avoid any technical issues later, especially with audio. If you want to surprise your loved ones with your look, consider calling yourself between your laptop and mobile phone to test the sound and camera. Alternatively, test the call with one of your friends. That way, you’re helping each other out!

If you have any problems, check the audio/visual settings in your chosen platform (such as Zoom or Google Hangouts) to see if you’ve got the right devices selected. Failing this, consider using your phone headset with built-in mic; most of the time, these’ll overcome most issues.

Hair & Make Up

Depending on the type of virtual date you have, your choice of hair and make-up is crucial.

  • For relaxed virtual dates, we suggest a glowy, no-makeup look and sleek hair. This approach focuses on highlighting the skin, using minimal makeup appliances such as foundation, mascara, highlight and clear lip gloss for your lips.
  • For a fun night including drinks and food, we suggest curled hair and an adventurous look that includes daring eyeshadow, such as a smoky eye or bold red lips – or both!

While we’re all stuck at home, why not use your time to learn your favourite celebrities’ make-up looks and hair trends and show your guests what you’ve discovered?

 Outfit of Choice

Last but not least, make the most of your virtual date with your outfit of choice – but make sure it best suits the type of gathering you’re having.

  • For a virtual cocktail date, explore bright figure-skimming dresses designed from striking florals, such as the Orianne Dress, or opt for something that exudes timeless femininity, such as the Annette Dress.
  • For a casual quiz night, opt for an effortless easy-to-wear dress that creates a statement, such as the Ninette Dress and the Riva Dress.

Staying home is the perfect time to try out new styles and experiment with items you’ve always wanted to wear. If that’s you, why not coordinate a blouse and skirt, such as the Diane Top & Diane Skirt?  

Whatever you choose to wear, stay safe – but always stay glamorous.

 Best wishes, Fenn Wright Manson x