5 Reasons for Wearing Linen

5 Reasons for Wearing Linen

Discover Fenn Wright Manson’s linen collection of relaxed dresses and sophisticated tailoring, designed to ensure you stay cool and stylish throughout summer. Each of the beautiful styles in our collection is crafted from the famously fine linen spun at an Irish mill that we have used year after year for their traditional methods steeped in knowledge, heritage and sustainability. 

1. Naturally Cool and Comfortable

Linen makes the ideal fabric for summer dressing. Natural, breathable and woven for lightweight coverage, its structure means it fits loosely, allowing free airflow. Our collection is crafted for the utmost comfort from the finest Irish linen.

2. Effortlessly Stylish 

Hanging elegantly and loosely, linen is a forgiving fabric for women of all shapes and sizes and will ensure you look effortlessly stylish.

Each of our beautiful pieces is crafted to retain its structure and create a soft feminine silhouette. Our semi-fitted hip-skimming Santorini and Corinne shift dresses are skilfully designed to flatter the figure and are finished with short raglan sleeves and pockets for a casual summer look. 

Our pieces are easy to care for, machine-washable, and ironing isn’t essential; slight crinkles are all part of linen’s charm and will only add to the relaxed look. Our clothing will not only retain its shape after washing, but will remain as soft as ever. 


Linen derives from the resilient flax plant, which is more sustainably produced than cotton due to its ease of growth, however poor the soil or water supply. Furthermore, none of the plant is wasted; flax seeds are turned into linseed oil which is used as a nutritional supplement and in wood-varnishing products. As a natural fibre, it is also biodegradable. 

All our linen is crafted by an Irish mill which is committed to an environmental policy that ensures it uses resources sustainably, minimises pollution in its manufacturing, and protects biodiversity and ecosystems.


4. Maximum Versatility 

Whether you are looking for an outfit for your everyday dressing or for a summer garden party, our linen pieces are cleverly designed for maximum versatility. Pair our easy-wear Santorini and Corinne dresses with sandals for an everyday look, or add heels for your events. Our beautifully tailored Ariane and Marcelle trousers can be worn with relaxed tops or dressed up with the matching jackets for evenings out.

5. Long-Lasting

Linen is the strongest natural fibre. It’s more durable than cotton, which means that our beautifully crafted styles can be cherished and worn through the seasons for the years to come. 

Shop our linen collection of relaxed dresses and sophisticated tailoring, designed to ensure you stay cool and stylish throughout summer.

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