What it Means to be Petite

What it Means to be Petite

What does petite mean?

A petite figure, in the clothing sense, refers to someone of any shape and size, who is 5ft 3 / 163cm and under.

Why does a petite person need petite clothes?

Petite clothes are shorter and also proportioned differently to standard fits, which do not sit right on a petite frame.Trouser legs are shorter in the rise (the measurement from the waist to the top of the inside leg) as well as in length.The measure of a top will be shorter too, giving a perfectly proportioned bodice, neckline and sleeve, and no sight of gaping material. 

Petite clothes are not just for the short

Proportional problems are not limited to those 5”3 and under. You could be any height, even tall, yet have a petite upper half, or shorter legs.If this is the case you will be better suited to petite tops, petite dresses, or petite skirts & trousers.

The Fenn Wright Manson Petite Collection

Discover feminine timeless shifts, elegant tailoring and exquisite evening wear, perfectly proportioned to fit woman of all sizes 5`3 and under. We believe that the perfect fit is the most important part of our collection, as such we spend hours working and fitting to perfection on a petite model. Our petite collection has been scaled proportionally throughout the body to create truly stylish clothing.

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